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Monday, June 23, 2014

MOBILedit! Enterprise v7.5.6.4317 Full Key,

Robust editor of structured contacts, such as fax, more phones email, addresses
Contact photo support
Printing of whole phonebook is the best backup, especially for travelers
MOBILedit Enterprise v7.5.1.4181-rG
Full-text search across all contacts and messages
Comfortable internationalization - automatically adds prefix of
selected country - great feature for travelers
Swap the first name for the last name with one click
Drag & drop contacts between MOBILedit! and other programs like
Word, Excel, etc
Import and export of contacts into various formats more
Easy connection via cable, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or IrDA
Wizard helps you to connect your phone explaining all the needed steps
Guides you through the step-by-step actions, making it easy even for a beginner
Installs all necessary drivers for your phone
Recognizes running applications that may block the phone communication channel
Having trouble connecting the phone to a PC? Use our mobile application to establish a connection over a Wi-Fi more
Internet Storage
New way of copying phones to the internet cloud
Access your backup from anywhere
Use our mobile app to upload/download and migrate your contacts and messages using our Internet Storage
Transfer your contacts wirelessly and import them to MOBILedit more
Create a backup
Never lose your data
Store your backup either locally on a PC or in internet storage
You can restore your backup later to other phones
Auto-backup feature more
Create and edit ringtones
Cut your videos
Edit and resize your photos with our integrated Photo Editor
Convert your music into various formats
Install applications into your phone more
Making a call
Make a call from your PC
Receive a call and see who's calling from your PC
Use virtual keyboard to control your phone from your PC more
Text messages
Complete SMS management and printing
Sort, read, and archive your SMS messages on your PC
Compose a message from a PC keyboard
Automatically stores them to Sent Items on the PC
Backup or delete your old messages
Handling of incoming SMS through MOBILedit!
Automatic conversion of SMS characters into GSM compliant character set more
Manage data on SIM card
SIM card status information (IMSI, ICCID, LAI, PIN, PUK, call costs)
SIM phonebook, sent-received-draft SMS, call log
SIM card reader support more
Phone Copier
Transfer contacts, messages,files from other phones with a single click
Intelligent or manual mapping of fields in phonebook
Wipe and backup before you copy option
SIM card data transfer available
Copy data also to/from Outlook, a file, Internet Storage or Google contacts (Gmail)
Copy from Offline Devices or local/transferred backup file more
Unpack, install, use crack dir, enjoy
NOTE: there is problem with close, but problem is in app
* IF YOU LiKE iT - BUY iT! *
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MOBILedit! Enterprise v7.5.6.4317 Full Key, Reviewed by Bản Quyền Phần Mềm Microsoft 0934363833 on 5:37 PM Rating: 5 Robust editor of structured contacts, such as fax, more phones email, addresses Contact photo support Printing of whole phonebook is the bes...

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